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Volgens geruchten gaat de PS5 AMD Ryzen gebruiken

PS5 News| The PS 5 to Feature AMD Ryzen CPUs According to Latest Rumors 4K 60 FPS High-Ultra Possible? According to Rumors the PS 5 is Going to Use AMD Ryzen The Sony PlayStation 5 is highly anticipated by fans as it could finally make 4k gaming mainstream. The Sony PlayStation 5 is expected to get its CPU and GPU from AMD with the AMD Navi as its GPU and Ryzen used for its CPU. Ryzen is good news as this means the GPU wouldn’t be held back a lot because of the CPU.
Rumor: PS 5 to Use AMD Ryzen According to a report by Eurogamer, Sony is working on AMD Ryzen.
Eurogamer wrote,
“A principal programmer at Sony associated with the firm’s Advanced Technology Group is working with AMD’s Ryzen technology, improving the Zen core’s micro-architecture support within the LLVM compiler stack – a key component of a tool used in the PlayStation 4 development environment. Of course, there is no PS4 product using the Ryzen processor, leading to speculation that this is related to a prospective nex..

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